1: HEADING 2: subtitle

5: email@flickr.com

enter your upload-to-flickr email address

3: #hashtag

create your own hashtag


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1: Heading

2: subtitle

3: #hashtag

Think of something that is not commonly used other wise you may collect tweets which are not relevant to your project

4: @twitter

optional you can also include a Twitter account

5: upload-to-flickr email address

You need to set up a Flickr account and then create an upload-to-flickr email address.

Instructions at create-upload-to-flick-email-address.html

6: Flickr ID

If you don't know your Flickr ID visit idGettr

7: Page ID

Choose a unique four letter ID that describes your project. Max 16 letters, NO spaces. This will form the internet address http://whosedata.net/ct/abcd.

Check ID is available

8: email address

When your page is set up I will send your URL.


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2012-06-02 14:42:41

Reminding me of VHS or audio tape. Analogue feel.

2012-05-16 11:31:21

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