CONNECTION / TIME workshop day 1

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Interactive live art performance documentation

4.06pm 28th Apr 2012

it would be interesting to somehow respond to photos

3.56pm 28th Apr 2012

What is a 'connection' ? How do we connect? people, place, image, text, audience, performer, co- presence, data,

3.33pm 28th Apr 2012

So focussed on images i forgot about text...

3.32pm 28th Apr 2012

I have a sound clip.. Nowhere to put it though.. How to link audio boo to interface

3.31pm 28th Apr 2012

seated again

3.29pm 28th Apr 2012

"sometimes you just have to suck it up" "cause he didn't get accepted" "I need to get lots of vest tops"

3.25pm 28th Apr 2012

Watching workshop tweets and pics @Arnolfiniarts. The archive has lost its borders...

3.23pm 28th Apr 2012

A young girl is reluctant to do her coat up

3.21pm 28th Apr 2012

The young boy is still reluctant to go to the toilet - his name is Alex

3.21pm 28th Apr 2012

Church bells but it's not Sunday? Is it?

3.20pm 28th Apr 2012

In the distance - a crowd.

3.20pm 28th Apr 2012

A young boy needs to go to the toilet but he is reluctant.

3.20pm 28th Apr 2012

Heard a sea gull skwarking, saw inside its mouth, I swarked, it flew away

3.19pm 28th Apr 2012

watching the pictures remotely

3.19pm 28th Apr 2012

Unexpectedly bumped into a friend - he was busy

3.00pm 28th Apr 2012

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3.00pm 28th Apr 2012

Creative documentation

2.55pm 28th Apr 2012


2.48pm 28th Apr 2012

Twitter used for text whereas images are emailed to the interface for project.

2.37pm 28th Apr 2012

Testing testing testing

2.25pm 28th Apr 2012

Out and about shortly on a documentation mission

2.20pm 28th Apr 2012

Starting 2nd experiment

11.02am 28th Apr 2012

At the arnolfini for the workshop with @drpaulhurley and others! Hello...

10.32am 28th Apr 2012

Excited about workshop @ArnolfiniArts today

10.17am 28th Apr 2012

workshop just about to start. Updating interface, laying out croissants, etc...

A live performance workshop by Paul Hurley and collaborators at Arnolfini and online

Saturday, April 28th October 2012

Workshop 10.30am-4pm



Connection / Time is a research and development project led by Paul Hurley and supported by Arts Council England. It explores the possibilities of live performance documentation through a series of ‘live art laboratories’. These experiments, involving improvised collaborative performances with a loose collective of other artists (Caroline Wilkins, Clare Thornton, H.Ren, Phil Owen, Soozy Roberts and Stephen Robins) from across Bristol and the South West, will take place at indoor and outdoor spaces at Knowle West Media Centre, Arnolfini, Station ArtSpace, Bristol, and Performance Exchange, Stroud. Full information of the project and other performances can be found at

Interactive live art performance documentation

Building on work made as part of Whose Data?, an artists’ residency at Knowle West Media Centre, Paul Hurley has been working with Dane Watkins to develop this software interface. It integrates live data streams from social media and can be used by participants and audiences to create live documentation of performance events. As well as digital data streams (such as photographs and Twitter text feeds), these also represent the physical, mental and emotional data that we all generate when we experience something. This will be explored through a series of collective durational performance experiments (with the collaborating artists above) and a public workshop at Arnofini, Bristol.

Live data streams and feeds

This section of the website is an experiment around the creation of data streams and the live digital archiving of performance. What happens when a performance / art work is translated immediately into data? What happens when the meaning of an art work is not dictated by the artist but is created by the people watching / capturing it? And what do people make of that data stream when they view it from a different place or time? Does it mean any more or less?

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